Help Beautify PBE!

3 Aug

Friday/Saturday August 11-12PBE Rainbow

Put some muscle to the metamorphosis!

Looking for a way to spruce up our school and have fun at the same time? Then come with your brooms, shovels, gloves, paint clothes and/or muscle to our grounds beautification event! We need neighbors, friends, grandparents, residents and kids to tackle beautifying several areas of our school. Hydration station and guidance provided, make new friends and catch up with our PBE community! Questions? Contact Denise Goulart, principal, at .


Friday: 1 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday: 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.





Garden rejuvenation


Paint to make our school proud!


PBMS and MBHS students welcome for service hours credit


Pacific beach

ElemenTary School

1234 Tourmaline St.
San Diego CA

(858) 488-8316


PBE Online Auction Happening Now!

7 Mar


Our annual online auction is now active and will continue for one week. You can pick your online handle (your bidding name) and bid on the amazing donations we have received by visiting the auction website at

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to this event to get the early bird pricing before March 17. Remember, 100% of the proceeds fund many important programs at our school, including science, music, and art. We are still accepting donations so if you are able to give, please drop your donation in the workroom of the office this week! You can also sponsor or donate on the auction website.

Climate Kids at PBE

27 Feb

For the third year in a row, the students at PBE have an exciting and interactive way to learn about science, the environment, and conservation through the six-week Climate Kids program.

Climate Kids uses science activities, storytelling, and art to educate children about climate change.

Funded independently of PBE, this marks the first school year every class at PBE experienced Climate Kids.

Climate Kids comes to PBE students thanks to the hard work and determination of Dr. Amber Pairis, mother of a first and third grader at PBE.

Amber is the Director of Climate Science Alliance-South Coast (Alliance), covering Southern California and Baja. The Climate Kids program was started in 2013 in Sacramento and has grown to include multiple cities and schools across the U.S. and Mexico.


“The Climate Kids program inspires students to be leaders,” Amber said.

“They understand they are part of a much larger network of individuals who are committed to taking care of the earth and safeguarding our communities from the impacts of a changing climate. I am incredibly thankful to the teachers, staff, and families of PBE who have welcomed the program,” she said.

So far this year, PBE kids have learned about local coastal ecosystems like tide pools, kelp forests, and wetlands. They’ve been inspired by the “big kids,” Mission Bay High School students who serve as Climate Kids Ambassadors. With the help of artist Joan Green, the entire school is working on a school-wide art project as well as individual art projects.

The fun isn’t over yet! All PBE students will go on a field trip to Cabrillo National Monument. There will also be a reception at Pacific Beach Taylor Library to showcase the students’ artwork on March 22 from 4 to 6pm.


“I hope that we can continue bringing Climate Kids to PBE for many years to come,” Amber said.

The goal of Climate Kids is not to scare students about the doom and gloom of climate change, but to give them hope that they can help the environment no matter how young they might be.

“If anyone in the PBE community has been inspired by their children’s stories of Climate Kids activities and wants to work with us to continue programming at PBE we welcome your ideas and energy,” Amber said.



PBE Needs Your Help Next Year

15 Feb

Pacific Beach Elementary is a vibrant school humming with activity and energy. We have a before-school jogging club, a flourishing garden, diverse after-school activities, a weeklong theatre experience, and hands-on science and art enrichment enjoyed by every student at the school.

Many of these wonderful opportunities for our children are the result of behind-the-scenes work from our many parent volunteers.

To keep them going, we need your help—specifically with the programs listed below. If we don’t find volunteers to take on these programs for the 2017/2018 school year, many of them will disappear. That means no after school enrichment, in-school assemblies, or Missoula Children’s Theatre, to name a few.

Please take a look at each of the open positions described below. The current organizer of each will be happy to answer any questions and tell you everything they know about the position. Please help out if you can!

  1. After school enrichment coordinator

Contact: Camby Kaltsas,

This is a year-round position organizing and managing after-school activities, which include art lessons, CYT theatre classes, computer coding, and the wood bus. Great for someone who enjoys organizing and project management.

  • Much of the work can be done from home, although coordinator does need to be onsite when the new round of after-school classes begin.
  • Work with the main office to coordinate space, class dates, ensure current background requirements are met, etc.    
  • Coordinate classes for three sessions per year with new and existing after school programs by getting flyer approvals, class rosters, etc.
  • Distribute flyers to teacher mailboxes as well as to PrimeTime, Klassic Kids and office staff.  Also set up registration envelopes and post flyers in office.
  • This position is also the point person for parents at times, answering questions, resolving conflicts, etc.
  1. Assembly coordinator

Contact: Rachelle Hayward,

This could be a year-round position, or the planning and organizing of  school assemblies could be set within the first few months of the year, with minimal follow up once the assemblies are set.

  • Find possible sources of free education assemblies. There is an existing binder with lots of information and ideas.
  • Contact assembly providers to determine dates, availability, and any assembly space requirements.  We typically provide about one assembly a month, but due to spring testing April and possibly May do not have assemblies.
  • Work with PBE office staff to confirm times and dates that don’t conflict with anything on the PBE master schedule. Submit a request to the principal to finalize and confirm an assembly. (Simple one-page form.)
  1. Yearbook

Contact: Gena Vaden,

Gather photos and content and then design and produce the yearbook, sold to students and parents at the end of the year. Wonderful for someone who enjoys photography and graphic design.

  • Can be done at home during school or non-school hours.  Photos are needed for all school events, but can be collected from any parent.  Most work occurs between February – April.
  • Get as much help as you need from room parents and the Student Council.
  • Currently using Jostens, but coordinator can choose the supplier.
  1. Turkey Trot

Contact: Amanda Marzion,

The Turkey Trot is a school fundraiser held in mid-November. The Turkey Trot has a jog-a-thon format, in which kids get sponsored to run laps at the school.

  • The work involves organizing the details of the event, promoting it among the students and families, and helping raise money via sponsors.
  • Some work is required after the event, managing donations and planning the optional celebratory party in March.
  • Tracking of lap cards and funds raised by each student.
  1. Missoula Children’s Theatre

Contact: Zoe Sidell,

Missoula Children’s Theatre is a traveling theatre company that comes to the school for ONE week, usually in late November.

  • Arrange housing for the Missoula Children’s Theatre directors and organize the details of their weeklong stay in San Diego.
  • Communicate audition and rehearsal information to parents.
  • Plan intermission concessions, usually donated baked goods from PBE families.
  1. Auction

Contact: Amanda Marzion,

The yearly PBE auction is an adults-only event held in April that’s typically the biggest fundraiser of the year. It is preceded by an online auction. This can be done as a team, with one person managing committees for each of the different responsibilities.

  • Contact local businesses to arrange auction item donations.
  • Plan the party, including food, drinks, any music or entertainment, and live auction items.
  • Work with classrooms to come up with class auction items and teacher features (auction items that involve a special experience with one of PBE’s teachers).
  1. President and VP of Fundraising

Contact: Heather Worms, and Amanda Marzion,

Please contact Heather Worms for details and more information if interested.

  1. Box Tops

Contact: Gena Vaden,

Manage the Box Tops 4 Education fundraiser ( This could be done by a middle school student as part of community service.

  • Send flyers to classrooms reminding students to collect and bring in box tops.
  • Gather box tops from classrooms or the office.
  • Count box tops and mail them to the organization in exchange for cash for the school.

First Graders Give Books to Kindergartners

5 Dec

Last month, the students in Mr. Gallo’s first grade class visited two kindergarten classes, bringing books to read and share.

It started when Mr. Gallo’s students were collecting books at home for their own classroom book exchange, and realized they all had books they’d outgrown.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving—focusing on being thankful and helping others—Mr. Gallo’s class decided to bring in a book they no longer needed and visit Mrs. Galvin and Ms. Wilson’s classes. There, they’d read the book to a kindergartner, and then present the book as a gift to their partner.


The class gathered 43 books, which worked out to be one book for each kindergarten student. Almost every first grader in Mr. Gallo’s class brought in two books.

Before visiting the kindergartners, the first graders talked about the value of giving away things you no longer need or want, and how good it feels to pass along something that would make another person happy.


Each student headed off to the kindergarten classrooms with their first name on their shirts. They asked the name of the person they were paired with, and then read the book to the younger child. If they had time, the kids were encouraged to have a conversation with the kindergartners—to ask about their families, what they like to do for fun, or about their favorite food or animal.

The exercise was a great way for the kids to build friendships with children from other grades. It was an opportunity for families to get rid of books they no longer needed, and the experience helped foster a love of reading among all the children involved.

Kelly Lenzkes, who helped organize the activity, said she’d love to see this happen in other grades, “so our kids feel that ‘full circle’ moment of having given something away, and doing something nice, with nothing expected in return,” she said.


To get this activity started in your child’s classroom, first check with the teacher. If he or she is on board, the next step is communicating the plan to the kids and their parents. From there, work with a teacher of another grade to find a time the classes can meet for their book exchange.

Kelly said Mr. Gallo’s class has a box for families to drop more books, and if they get enough, they’ll plan another “kinder reading and gifting experience.”

Is there something going on in your child’s classroom you’d like to share with the school? Email Hilary at and we will feature it on the FOPBE blog!

PBE Kids on the Move: How Exercise Helps Learning

3 Nov

If we want our kids to perform better in the classroom, they need to move.

Study after study, including an ambitious, yearlong study published in Pediatrics in 2014, show regular exercise improves kids’ test scores, their ability to concentrate, and the ease with which they effectively switch between cognitive tasks.

At PBE, students have opportunities to move before, during, and after school.

Moving first thing in the morning gets the kids primed and ready to learn, so PBE offers many choices for early-morning physical activity. Jogging Club takes place every Wednesday and Friday from 7:20 to 7:45 am on the grass field. Whole-School PE, which often takes the form of a school-wide dance party, is every Tuesday and Thursday. The play structures on the blacktop are also open for kids to use before the bell rings each morning, provided they have adult supervision.

The students have PE with Coach Gray once a week for an hour, which adds up to 200 minutes of PE every two weeks. Many teachers incorporate movement breaks into their daily instruction as a way to keep kids energized.

The exercise opportunities don’t stop after school ends. Right now there’s yoga on Tuesdays, FitKids on Thursdays, and soccer on Fridays.

Lee Miller Skiles, mother to first grader Toby, is thrilled about the exercise options available to kids at PBE. A personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, Lee grew up surroulee-running-happynded by active people.

“Being involved in sports as a female helped me learn to use my body for physical activity, which helped with my body image,” Lee said. She was an avid soccer and tennis player, and played tennis for UC Santa Cruz.

“When Toby started kindergarten last year, I was excited to see there were several options for the kids to move,” Lee said. “It helps the kids to see fitness as a positive thing, and they can have fun.”

PBE provides opportunities for our kids to move throughout the day, but it’s also important make sure they also move around after school. It doesn’t have to be through a sport or on a team. A bike ride, a game of tag, or even a living room dance party are all great easy, free ways to move—so get up and go!


Updates from the PBE Office

24 Oct


We would like to remind you that dogs are prohibited on campus at all times. For the safety of our staff and students we will be enforcing this regulation immediately.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Dress Code

We would like to bring our dress code to your attention. Children are encouraged to wear clothing that is clean, neat and appropriate for their age. Baggy pants, halter-tops and spaghetti straps are not to be worn. Flip flops, high heels, sandals and any other dangerous footwear will not be permitted. The state requires physical education activities. Tennis shoes or closed-toe rubber-soled shoes are the safest shoes to wear on the playground for these activities.

Federal Survey Cards

Please make sure to fill out your federal survey cards completely and return to the office as soon as possible. These cards are kept confidential. Everyone must fill one out even if you don’t live or work in federal property.

From the Health Office

Parents – we are in need of extra pants or shorts, underwear, and soccer shorts sizes 5 to 8 for the nurse’s office reserves.  We often loan clean clothes to students who need a change of clothes – for various reasons.  Any time you go through your children’s clothes and find any bottoms (or underwear) that they have outgrown, please bring them to the office. We can always use them.  Thank you.


Lost & Found Articles

We have many items in the Lost and Found box, next to the auditorium. Please come and claim your items before and after school. We will be donating the unclaimed items.

Noon Duty

We are looking for adults to assist with supervision of children during lunch and lunch recess (from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.). Whatever your schedule is we can use your help even if it’s one hour a month (paid positions are also available).

Open Enrollment

The office of Enrollment Options is now accepting Choice applications for the 2016-2017 school year. If you have a sibling or a friend that would like to attend Pacific Beach Elementary School next year let them know that they can apply online. Please be aware that they are only accepting online applications. For more information contact the Office of Enrollment Options at (619) 725-5672—4100 Normal Street, Annex 7B, San Diego, CA 92103


Parent & Community Tours at PB Middle

Pacific Beach Middle International Baccalaureate World School will open its doors on November 3, December 1, January 5, February 2, March 2, April 6 and May 4 from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. in the Pacific Beach Middle Media Center. Parents of prospective students are invited to meet the principal, visit the classrooms and learn about the IB program. For more information: or (858) 273-9070 ext. 2357.

Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol members have noticed that many of the parents are breaking the law by

  • parking in the disabled area and/or dropping their child in the middle of the street
  • jay-walking across Fanuel Street and Tourmaline Street to get their children to school
  • parking at the red zone and/or bus loading zone

San Diego Police Department will begin monitoring our school to give out tickets to those who choose to risk their child’s safety. It only takes a few minutes to park at the church parking lot and walk your child across the street. Remember it’s for the safety of our students.

School Tour

A school tour is scheduled for October 26 at 8:00 a.m. Parents of prospective and current students are invited to attend. For more information please call (858) 488-8316.


Please take note that skateboarding is prohibited on campus at all times. For the safety of our staff and students we will be enforcing this regulation immediately.  Thank you for your cooperation.